Flashing Ball/LB-1

$35.00 $22.00

wo Super Bright LED lights illuminate the Entire Basketball with a magnificent glow, its amazing!

These basketballs really do look, feel, and play just like the real thing. 
It's like a Giant Glowing Orb in your hands, but it's a Basketball. 

You will have the best night game ever shooting hoops with these style balls. 

One of the coolest Features about these glowing basketballs, is that they are impact-activated. This means that you just bounce the ball to turn it on, no buttons needed. The ball will continue to illuminate for about 40 seconds once activated. 

When we 1st tested these LED Basketballs, we thought they were to good to be true, but when we put them to the test, we were absolutely blown away with the incredible quality.

By far - the best light up basketballs in the World! 

Batteries Included & Installed with your order
Batteries, and use them over & over again!

These are much brighter than any glow in the dark basketballs out there! You can't even compare a glow in the dark basketball to our battery powered balls! 
Example: Our battery powered balls can light up an entire room they are so bright vs a natural glow in the dark ball you can barely see in the dark! 

These balls are ridiculous and you are going to love this purchase! Makes for an excellent gift for any basketball fan.


These light up Basketballs are so much fun! 
Battery Powered
Impact Activated
Uses 2 Very Bright LED Lights
Batteries Included & Installed
Easily Replace Batteries
Use over and over again!
Looks, Feels & Plays just like a Real Basketball!