Flashing Ball/LV-1

$35.00 $22.00

LED Volley Ball
Battery Powered
Our Light up Volleyballs are finally here! Keep the game going when the lights go down with the Official aaGlow Volleyball. Uses a very bright LED light which illuminates entire panels from the inside of the ball. The light is impact activated by simply tapping the ball or bouncing it, and will remain on while in play. After about 30 seconds of no activity the light will automatically shut off and save battery life. Easily see the ball from 100's of feet away, and much brighter than any glow in the dark volleyballs. We think you will be very happy with the quality of the ball, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Batteries are easily replaceable, use over and over again!
Battery Powered
Uses Hi-Bright LED light
Illuminates entire panels of the volleyball
Impact Activated LED lights remain on while in play
Smart Lights automatically shut off after about 30 seconds of no activity to save battery life
Much Brighter than glow in the dark volleyballs
Batteries are easily replaceable
Use over and over again
Uses AG13 replacement batteries