• VR WORLD 3D vr Glasses

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    • 3D VR Glasses,these 3D glasses allow you to enjoy the perfect 3D giant screen, panoramic pictures and 3D games and to adjust focus and pupil distance by one-key operation.
    • Easy to install your mobile phone: Open the box and put your mobile phone into the box. Then, adjust the screen-split and cover the box. Now, you can enjoy the 3D giant screen anytime and anywhere!
    • These 3D glasses are made of high quality ABS plastic and works well with 4.7"-6.0" mobile phones with iOS, Android or WIN P8 operating system.
    • These 3D glasses come with T shaped head belt and goggles. The head belt can be adjusted based on the head size and goggles are made of high quality faux leather.
    • These 3D glasses adopt a humanistic design and uses perforated panel at both sides. Wearer can easily charge the mobile phone or put on ear buds.